How many decimal places can the Travelcoin be broken down to?

Travelcoin is divisible by 16 decimal places… therefore when you buy 1 TRV you are buying 1.0000000000000000 TRV and are able to send a fraction of that on the ether network if you would like.

I’ve never owned cryptocurrency before. Is it ok to have Travelcoin?

Yes, Travelcoin is just like the other currencies except to be user friendly so everyone can use it, especially the older generation. Our paper wallets are just one example.

When will I get my Travelcoin added to my wallet?

Travelcoin balances will be sent to your wallet post ICO. Please look at our company roadmap.

What coins are accepted?

We accept Bitcoin and over 50 other Alt coins… Your choice of coin can be selected during checkout.

What Ether exchange are you using?

Because our ICO is a non-capped ICO, we will be posting on exchanges post ICO. We will select the largest exchanges.

What forms of payment methods are available?

You can pay with Paypal or the top 50 Cryptocurrencies… You can select your choice during checkout.

Am I sending you ether? or BTC? and if so, where is the addresses I need to complete transaction?

Please follow the checkout and Coinpayments will allow you to select your choice of coin and generate an address for you to send to.

What Is Travelcoin (TRV)?

Travelcoins are a blockchain technology that use smart contracts. Travelcoins can almost be thought of as a digital currency. Holders of Travelcoins will be able to purchase travel directly on our website, as well as on our partners’ platforms.