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The Travel industry is massive, here at Travelcoin we have a fantastic team with real contacts in the industry. With no other coin structured for the Travel industry, Travelcoin has captured the biggest industry in the cryptocurrency market

Travelcoin ticketing platform runs on a self sufficient ecosystem and therefore the transaction fees are low. Ticketmaster can mark up tickets from 20-30%..... where Travelcoin can provide tickets with as low as 4-5%



Our focus on developing the best coin/ticketing system in the travel industry and will allow for adaptation into real-world markets to be as painless as possible. This core focus on travel applications is a huge advantage that Travelcoin has when compared with other existing coins currently in the market



The ICO will feature unlimited tokens for sale, with each token creating a brother token to be held by Travelcoin. After the ICO no more tokens will ever be created. This means 50% of total coins will be available for sale during the duration of the ICO. Travelcoins can be used to purchase tickets, run the blockchain and provide rewards to users!

Welcome Message from CEO

Welcome Message from CEO

Travelcoin`s blockchain and Decentralized apps (DAPPs) have fields customized to handle integration with third party ticketing systems and future travel vendors while ensuring minimum cost overhead. This promises a new travel ecosystem to emerge and create a strong demand for Travelcoin




Travelcoin will offer a 1% fee. That’s significantly lower than every major booking site.

No Double-Booking

Using Travelcoin’s smart contract system and the transparency due to the blockchain, potential double booking or double spending will be eliminated.

Integration with daily Travel

Travelcoin will offer solutions for the everyday traveler, bus, taxi, or just carpooling to be a few of the solutions offered.

Real Time Booking

Using Travelcoin smart contracts and the blockchain users will have bookings confirmed in real time.

Trip Planner

With the integration of all major travel mediums this will allow for Travelcoin to offer the best trip planner ever seen, with travel from point “A” to point “B” at the best rate.

Reseller Services

Ever booked a trip and then tried to cancel? Not the easiest thing to do unless it’s for a medical emergency, and they usually charge a hefty fee for a cancellation

“Once a year Go someplace You’ve never been before”